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Do you want to burn fat & lose weight? Build muscle & get stronger? Crosstrain for running, biking or swimming? Or hike to Machu Picchu? Everything starts with a detailed assessment of your current physical condition. Our system measures your lean muscle mass, body fat, strength levels and other biomarkers. 

Based on the latest exercise science, Koko's proprietary algorithms create a unique strength, cardio & nutrition program precisely tailored to your body and goals.

Our Smartraining equipment leads you through every single workout, pushing you harder with real-time instruction, interactive coaching and performance data.

Koko synchronizes to your body, dynamically modifying the volume and intensity of your workouts as you progress, for maximum results without plateaus.

Every workout is different, never boring. Koko's friendly staff & encouraging community celebrate your milestones, both in-club and online.

Every session is tracked automatically on your own personal, data-rich website. Check in anytime from any of your devices.


Koko FitClub of Grand Rapids, Michigan

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3 Steps to Fix a Broken Diet

Randall Wysong

A few weeks ago, I read a Facebook post from Roy B., a member of Koko FitClub in Wyckoff, New Jersey. His post included a before-and-after photo, proof of his dedication to health and fitness,  with results that were nothing short of amazing.

I asked Roy,  “What three things do you know now that you wish you knew three years ago when you first started Koko?

His response was, “Number 1: Consistency is key.  Number 2:  Don’t ‘Co-sign’ BS. The ‘I can’t because blah, blah, blah…’ and ‘it didn’t work for me…’ are just lazy rationalizations of the uncommitted. and Number 3: Everything I thought I knew got me where I was.”


I laughed out loud, not just because #2 was hilarious, but#3 was so simple, so perfect and so true… it clicked. Everything you think you know about fitness and nutrition is a lie, including the lies we tell ourselves that keep us from being healthier and truly making a change. What works is healthy eating, strength training and learning to move everyday.  But sometimes it seems impossible to separate fact from fiction.

Here I’ll share the 3 steps I use to help clients fix a “broken diet” and start eating better.

Step 1: Identify and remove nutritional deficiencies.

In the world of nutrition, a food journal is my atomic bomb of secret weapons. See where you are now by tracking a typical week and weekend. Simply, what you eat and when. Then take a step back and see how much protein (often meats), foods rich in vitamins & minerals (often veggies), essential fats (often fish) you’re eating.

If you’re working out, just to maintain Lean Muscle Levels you should be taking in roughly 1 gram per-pound protein throughout the day. Statistically, you’ll learn you’re only fueling yourself with about 30% of what your body actually needs. No matter how good you think you’re Fueling your body, deficiencies are common. Chances are you’ve got one.

Step 2:  Adjust the amount and type of food you eat.

First let’s be clear, we actively avoid “calories-in”. Because of incorrect labeling, laboratory errors, and differences in food quality and preparation, calorie counts recorded on food labels, websites and apps – even those within the USDA’s nutrient databases – can be off by as much as 25%. Which is why we made Koko Fuel School (accessible to clients via MyKokoFitClub.com) to help you learn how to make small changes, over time, in all the right areas. Once you start Fuel School, you’ll see how those small improvements you’ve made in your eating habits make you feel, and you’ll naturally start eating more and more of the right stuff.

Step 3:  Fine-tune.

Once the gaps are corrected and you’re eating the right types of food in the right amounts, everything else is just a minor detail.

Right now, you should be asking two questions:

  1. How frequently should I be eating and how much? That’s all personal preference. Eat little meals often, or larger meals less often.
  2. When should I supplement? Food is king, but supplements are meant to fill in the gapswhen natural ways fail.

The best part of Koko FitClub is that whether you take advantage of the digital tools we provide, or you work 1:1 with a coach, you are never alone.  As an added layer, we regularly host Facebook Live sessions so you can speak directly with the experts – including our Chief Fitness Officer, Michael Wood – about weight loss, increasing strength, behavior change and debunking myths.

Click here to join the Koko FitClub member-only Facebook Group, KokoNut Nation and learn more on your journey to live a stronger life.


Nick Konarski, Master FitCoach and COO, Koko FitClub


Konarski, N. 3 Steps to Fix a Broken Diet. The Stronger  Blog,February 2017. Retrieved from: https://blog.kokofitclub.com/2017/02/15/nick-konarski-master-fitcoach-and-coo-koko-fitclub/

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