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Do you want to burn fat & lose weight? Build muscle & get stronger? Crosstrain for running, biking or swimming? Or hike to Machu Picchu? Everything starts with a detailed assessment of your current physical condition. Our system measures your lean muscle mass, body fat, strength levels and other biomarkers. 

Based on the latest exercise science, Koko's proprietary algorithms create a unique strength, cardio & nutrition program precisely tailored to your body and goals.

Our Smartraining equipment leads you through every single workout, pushing you harder with real-time instruction, interactive coaching and performance data.

Koko synchronizes to your body, dynamically modifying the volume and intensity of your workouts as you progress, for maximum results without plateaus.

Every workout is different, never boring. Koko's friendly staff & encouraging community celebrate your milestones, both in-club and online.

Every session is tracked automatically on your own personal, data-rich website. Check in anytime from any of your devices.



Koko FitClub of Grand Rapids, Michigan

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3 SECRETS OF THE PERFECT BODY March 5, 2018 By Michael Wood

Randall Wysong

Image Credit: Pixabay


The perfect body means something slightly different to everyone. For some people it’s all about being as slim as possible, for others it is about taming some of their least favorite areas and enhancing others. In fact, the perfect body can mean so many things that trying to achieve it isn’t just a challenge – you are setting yourself up for a disaster!

The Perfect Body Doesn’t Exist: Love What You Have

The first step in any pursuit is to be realistic about your starting point. With your body, you need to recognize that, even though it might be ‘perfect’ you have a fantastic foundation to progress from. Whether you want to lose some body fat or you want to tone and stretch your muscles – or both! – your body can make an amazing transformation. Love what you have now and treat your body to a better lifestyle.

Losing weight is tough because evolutionarily speaking, it is programmed to keep extra weight in case of a famine. While this was a great advantage back in the day, in our modern world of excess, this feature isn’t much good. It is perfectly possible to lose weight and to keep it off, as long as you recognize that your diet needs to turn into a lifestyle in order to maintain your new body. You might want a kick-start could use Duromine pills help to lose weight, but having a healthy attitude and lifestyle is key to keeping it off for good.

Measure Inches Not Stones

Setting a goal weight is one of the ways that many people decide to handle their weight loss scheme, but it doesn’t always work that way. Muscle is denser and therefore heavier than fat. This means that if you are hitting the gym as part of your regime, it’s likely that you will be replacing your fat with muscle and so the numbers on the scales won’t change.

A better way to work is to measure yourself with a tape measure. This will show your progress as you work towards the body you want as you will be able to see the fat being shed and then be able to measure the muscles as they grow. Track your numbers by measuring at roughly the same time each week and do take full body selfies with your biggest grin on too.

Healthy is More Important Than Skinny

Kate Moss was totally wrong when she said, ‘nothing tastes better than skinny feels’. Clearly, the poor girl has never eaten a home-cooked meal full of delicious, nutritious ingredients! She is right, though, that for some strange reason the fashion industry is more interested in skinny girls than healthy ones.

Without going into the boring details (including hair loss, sagging skin, and exhaustion) being skinny is not a health revolution and you should not be sacrificing your muscle mass in favor of some unrealistic skinny jeans. The perfect body should be giving you plenty of energy and making you happy: give it a chance and focus on your health rather than your looks. A healthy body looks more naturally radiant, anyway.

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Randall Wysong


January 22, 2018 michael wood  0  Exercise, https://michaelwoodfitness.com/2018/01/22/five-simple-exercises-for-targeted-ab-training/

Do you want a toned body? If yes, then ab training is meant for you. Here are five simple exercises for targeted ab training. They are very easy and you can add them into your routine without any inconvenience. Have a look:

The Bicycle Crunch

The bicycle crunch is a very effective workout for stronger and more toned abs. This variation of the crunch targets three muscle groups at the same time. It is a hybrid of the regular crunch, the reverse crunch and the side to side motion that works the obliques. To efficiently perform this exercise all you have to do is start by lying on your back while keeping your legs raised and bent at 90 degrees and your hands behind your head. From there you should lift your upper body and touch your elbow with your alternate knee.straight bring your right knee to your chest and back to its position. Repeat the process with your left knee as if you were climbing a mountain. You should avoid hiking your hips during the workout, and you should keep your core tight.


The Straight Leg Raise

The straight leg raise may look very easy, but let me assure you that it is not. In fact, it requires a considerable amount of core strength to pull in off effectively. Also, it is an extremely effective workout for your abs.

For this exercise, you have to start from a face-up position on the ground while placing your hands on your lower back. From there slowly lift up your legs up to 90 degrees to your abdomen while keeping them perfectly straight and bring them back down slowly. If you keep doing this exercise regularly, your abs will start showing in no time. This exercise is not recommended for people with back pain.

The Mountain Climber

The mountain climber is an endurance testing exercise that will do wonders for your abs. To perform this workout effectively you have to start from a high plank position. Now, keeping your hips level and body straight bring your right knee to your chest and back to its starting position. Repeat the process with your left knee as if you were climbing a mountain. You should avoid hiking your hips during the workout, and you should keep your core tight.

Slider Pike

You will require sliders or towels to do this work out effectively.

Starting from a high plank position while keeping both your feet on sliders or towels, pull your feet towards your hands as your hips raise towards the ceiling into a pike position. If you are facing difficulties with this technique, then you can do a more straightforward variation by performing sliding mountain climbers.

Hip Lifts

Hip lifts are very similar to leg raises but are way more demanding. To perform this exercise for a high intensity ab workout, you have to start by lying on the ground with your hands by your sides and as you raise your legs up to 90 degrees also raise your hips up. You can also rotate your hips as you raise them to add an oblique and wing workout in the same routine.

The Spiderman Plank Crunch

This variation of the crunch is pretty much the only workout that affects your entire core. And the best thing is that no equipment is required for it. To perform this workout, you have to start from a traditional plank position with your forearms on the ground. Try to keep your body perfectly straight. Bring your right knee to your right elbow and take it back to the plank position. Then repeat this procedure with the left leg.

Jim Roose is a former competitive powerlifter and gym owner. He is obsessed with physical fitness and healthy eating. He regularly writes about fitness secrets and much more at https://garagegymbuilder.com/.


About The Author


michael wood

Michael is the Founder/Director of Michael Wood Fitness and former Chief Fitness Officer at Koko FitClub. He is the Founder of the award-winning company, the Sports Performance Group. Named Best of Boston by Boston Magazine and Top 100 Trainer in the U.S by Men's Journal. Michael is a former Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach at the University of Connecticut and Exercise Physiologist at the USDA HNRC on Aging at Tuft University in Boston.

HEALTH BANK ACCOUNT December 30, 2017 Michael Wood Health and Fitness

Randall Wysong

Happy New Year!  


Image Credit https://pixabay.com/en/steel-cable-canyon-rock-nature-3039437/


 You’ve probably heard the saying “you are what you eat”, indeed, this may have been drilled into you from an early age – but how much attention do we pay to this innate principle and how often do we apply it to our daily lives? 

For some, eating is viewed as a necessary biological requirement that can be scientifically formulated to deliver optimum results — however, for most of us, even the most athletic of us, eating is a much more emotional experience and this notion of “you are what you eat” can quickly go out the window when you feel emotionally low and in need of a sugar hit.

The problem with this approach, however, is that it creates a rollercoaster ride of peaks and troughs in terms of your energy levels… think of how caffeine-based energy drinks such as Red Bull often provide a temporary burst of energy which spikes your energy levels but then leaves you feeling drained and depleted for the rest of the day as your energy levels crash.

It is the same principle as if someone were to take a drug like ecstacy; the serotonin in their brain is boosted to the point they’re neuroreceptors are overwhelmed with feel good hormones – but then, there is the ‘comedown’ – and that’s the thing, what goes up must come down, and in terms of your health, what you’re really looking for is to keep things in balance… as even too much exercise can be detrimental.

Picture a bank account.  There are deposits and withdrawals.  The deposit nourishes and invests in your bank balance whilst the withdrawals detract and deplete from its health.  If there are too many withdrawals, the account becomes overdrawn, and you end up in financial trouble.

Using this metaphor for nutrition, it’s clear there are deposits and withdrawals to be made, as an example drinking aloe vera could be considered a deposit because you are investing nutrients that are going to replenish and revitalise your body, whereas eating a chocolate bar would be considered to be a withdrawal. 

Making the occasional withdrawal is fine, as this way, there is still an equilibrium.  However, if you are to withdraw more from this bank account, nutritionally, than you are putting in – that’s when you run into problems.  That’s when serious diseases start to occur. 

Think about that word for a moment; dis-ease.  It represents that your body is in a state of dis-ease; because it is out of balance.  No matter what your current condition of health, the way to ensure a healthy life, is to keep this bank account in check and balance the books!

Nutrition is important.  Equally important to what we put in our mouths, however, is how often and how intensely we move our bodies. 

Cardiovascular exercise is equally as important, as nutrition, in terms of having a healthy heart.  It sounds like a drag, but getting fit doesn’t have to be as arduous as it sounds.  Indeed there are plenty of fun ways to get into the “aerobic zone”.  The most important thing within fitness, as within life, is to have some decent fitness goals that you are emotionally connected to achieving, as this will motivate you to take positive action, even when you don’t feel like it.

Even a 20 minute walk at a moderate pace with some good music will do the trick to get you into the “aerobic zone”.  Aerobic exercise is extremely good for the body… as it pumps blood through our arteries, stimulates lymph flow, and brings fresh air into the lungs; there are also several mental and emotional benefits of exercise as a result of the endorphinsreleased.

It’s never too late to start looking after your heart health, by getting regular exercise, and even if you are physically less-able there are a variety of modifications that can be made to exercises in addition to specialist equipment ensuring there’s always something you can do to improve the state of your health bank balance.  Indeed, one of most universal and all-round forms of exercise that requires very little equipment, and is accessible for all, is swimming.

When it comes to burning fat and gaining muscle, we can again view this within the bank balance metaphor.  The deposits you want to be making if you’re looking to gain muscle are low-rep high-weight workouts and lean proteins – whilst the deposits you want to be making if you’re aim is to burn fat are high intensity interval training sessions and a low-calorie meals.

In summary, the bank account of your health depends primarily on two things; the food you eat and the amount of exercise you undertake.  This is really simple stuff, and we all know it, but there’s a huge difference between having knowledge and applying knowledge.  Hopefully, this simple metaphor of the bank account will inspire you to make better day-to-day choices.


Article source;


HOW TO FORM YOUR FITNESS GOALS December 7, 2017 michael wood Fitness Goals

Randall Wysong


December 7, 2017 michael wood  0  Fitness Goals,

Caring about your health and fitness only gets you so far. It’s always good to start off with the right intentions. Because wanting to make a difference to your health is the right way to go about things. But after a while, you may find that you’re not really seeing much improvement. This can certainly be the case when it comes to your fitness. Because when you get started, your body is always going to change and adapt. But before long, it can often get used to your workouts and start to level off. To combat thing, you’ll find that setting goals can help. If you’ve never set goals before or you just don’t know where to start, here are some key points to consider.

Weight Loss

First of all, there’s always weight loss to consider. This is often a huge motivator for many people that are looking to take charge of their own health and fitness levels. However, knowing that you want to shift some weight is only the start of things. You then need to formulate your goals based on specific results. Are you looking to lose a certain amount of pounds, or do you want to get to a set size? You may also want to consider measuring inch loss and taking progress photos to guide you.

Muscle Growth

Or maybe you’d be more happy to grow some muscle? When this is the case, you’re going to need to focus on muscle enhancement within your health and fitness overall. Not only does this mean you should be focus on strength and resistance training, but you’re going to need to hone in on what you eat too. Here, you need to be eating a balance of protein, fat and carbohydrates to encourage muscle growth.

More Energy

But sometimes, what you really want is to gain more energy. Because focusing on your health isn’t just about what you look like, but what you feel like too. When this is the case, you need to focus on workouts that are going to kickstart your system. But more importantly, you need to ensure that your diet is rich in nutrients and not refined sugars – this can be the difference between boosting your energy levels and crashing them.


Another key consideration to make is whether you want to increase your flexibility. This is often great for rehabilitation, or if you’re getting a bit older and you notice your body isn’t quite what it was. Focusing on your warm ups and stretching will help, but so will working with a range of motions, so be sure to include this in your goals.

Healthier Lifestyle

Finally, you should also be looking for ways to ensure that your goals support a healthier lifestyle overall. Because living well and consciously can work wonders for your health. From nourishing and fueling your body with the right to exercising to clear your mind and help your health, it’s important to recognize the holistic and long-term impacts of your goals if you want to benefit the most.

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About The Author

michael wood

Michael is the Founder/Director of Michael Wood Fitness and former Chief Fitness Officer at Koko FitClub. He is the Founder of the award-winning company, the Sports Performance Group. Named Best of Boston by Boston Magazine and Top 100 Trainer in the U.S by Men’s Journal. Michael is a former Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach at the University of Connecticut and Exercise Physiologist at the USDA HNRC on Aging at Tuft University in Boston.


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“Because in the end, you won’t remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing your lawn. Climb that goddamn mountain.”

~ Jack Kerouac


Four Tips to Eat Your Way to a Great Night’s Sleep by michael wood

Randall Wysong

Four Tips to Eat Your Way to a Great Night’s Sleep

by michael wood

Who has not had a restless night's sleep? Everyone does on occasion, but for many, it is an increasingly frequent experience. The typical explanation is the unparalleled distractions of our modern lifestyle. We email compulsively, text our friends at all hours, and binge watch TV. Consequently, our sleep suffers. Studies show that the average amount of sleep that Americans currently get has fallen by between one and two hours each night over the last 60 years. Furthermore, the quality of that sleep has deteriorated. Some research even suggests that our irregular sleep patterns have led to a 'dream' deficit that also takes its own individual toll over time.

The crux of the issue is that there are significant health problems associated with sleep disorders that go beyond feeling tired the next day. Chronic sleep deprivation is associated with higher incidences of heart disease, diabetes, weight gain and cancer. Many of us realize this and struggle to make adjustments. We experiment with changing our caffeine or alcohol intake or, in desperation, some turn to sleeping pills.

&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; photo credit:&nbsp; http://pixabay.com

                                              photo credit: http://pixabay.com

Most of us know from experience that there is some kind of link between our food intake and our sleep patterns. Sleep can be difficult if we are too full or extremely hungry. Yet, our busy lifestyle and the temptations of snack foods continuously get in the way. One thing is clear. A good evening meal with sensible portions improves the prospect of a restful night of sleep.

We have long known that there are two fundamental states of sleep and each is regulated by a different part of the brain. Both are necessary for completely recuperative sleep. We have a sleep cycle, called our 'circadian rhythm,' which is regulated by our brain and by metabolic cues governed by liver cells. All of these signals work together in a continuous feedback loop which is commonly called our 'circadian clock'.  New information adds a significant to factor to that mix. Our gut microbiome has a surprisingly crucial influence on our circadian sleep-wake cycle and our sleep quality. Experiments confirm that when specific microbes in our gut are altered, our fundamental states of sleep are disrupted. This limits our ability to recover from stress and is necessary to protect against neurological diseases such as dementia. To assist in that recovery process, we now understand that our gut microbiome and our own cells form an active feedback loop and our sleep patterns are part of it.

This continuous feedback between our gut and brain significantly modulates our responses to stress. When that feedback is suboptimal, it begins a cycle that leads towards metabolic health disorders such as diabetes. Our sleep-wake cycle is part of this loop. Impaired sleep disrupts our metabolism and contributes to inflammatory states and metabolic diseases, which can, in turn, further disrupt our sleep. When our gut microbiome is off-balance our capacity to achieve restorative sleep is profoundly affected.

Here are four tips to start you on the path to a great night’s sleep:

  • Our microbes have internal clocks, just as we do. We are at our best when we find our optimal personal method of synchronizing and adjusting to each other. In effect, if you feed your microbes well, they will treat you right.
  • Stick to a firm eating schedule and limit fat content. Both of these factors can improve sleep quality. There is an added benefit. These measures help with weight management, which is also mediated by the gut microbiome.
  •  Keep calories the same, but make your meals smaller and more frequent. Studies show that this improves sleep quality and metabolic parameters such as blood glucose or serum lipid levels.
  • Try adding either prebiotics or probiotics to your diet. These offer your microbial partners the nutrients they need.

When you plan to get a good night's sleep, you need to think of it as putting your microbes to bed. Feeding them properly is your best chance for normal recuperative sleep in the midst of our hectic modern lives.

 Dr. Bill Miller has been a physician in academic and private practice for over 30 years. He is the author of The Microcosm Within: Evolution and Extinction in the Hologenome. For more information,www.themicrocosmwithin.com

michael wood | October 20, 2017 at 1:12 pm | Tags: Bill Miller MDNutritionSleep | Categories: Uncategorized | URL: http://wp.me/p37JJT-1Lz

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